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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Five things you do not ask/say to a single person

Hey guys!

Today I begin with the "Five Things Series" and what better topic to start with than THE SINGLE LIFE!! DUN DUN DUN!!! (how's that for dramatic? HEHEHE).

Being single for a few years now, I have heard it all and I've just about heard it from every person possible.
These are the top five things that I have heard the most and, quite honestly, I hope I never hear again.

#1. You're so pretty, why are you single?

What I say: I'm waiting on God.

What I really want to say: Don't you think that if I knew why I was single, I would do something different? I know some people enjoy the single life, but there are some of us who just haven't had any luck in the love department.

#2. When are you getting married?

What I say: When God sends me the one...

What I really want to say: To be married, I need to be in some type of relationship and since I AM SINGLE, can you tell me HOW am I supposed to know when I am going to get married?

#3. You're STILL single?

What I say: Yeah (Politely Nodding)

What I really want to say: What you mean still??? Do you see a ring? Is there a deadline that you secretly set for me that I am unaware of?

#4. (Someone Sees me with a guy friend) Is this your boyfriend?
What I say: NO, this is my friend So and So

What I really want to say: This is the guy that I like and was hoping he would like me back but thank you for making it extremely awkward.

#5. I have a friend who is single....

What I say: I'm ok. I love being single.

What I really want to say: How old is he? Is he cute? How tall is he? Does he have any kids? Where does he work? Who am I kidding? As long as he is human, HOOK IT UP!! (Just kidding.. well, partially)..

This post was written for entertainment but seriously guys, us single people have no real answers for the many questions that thrown at us. If you have a question, most likely we have the same question...

Thanks for reading!!!
 Hope you enjoyed the first installment of  "Five Things Series".

Any questions, advice, blog post requests, products for review or comments please feel free to comment.

Until next blog, Gbu guys!

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