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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New School Year

Nearing the end of May, you can almost smell the cool summery nights (Yes! They have a smell to them!). You can taste the sweet taste of summer vacation And, as fast as it came (Not Really), it's over.

As this new school year arrives, I look back and think "Where did my summer vacation go"?
As much as I miss my students, this time off was amazing! But, why does it seem to go so fast? (Insert sad face).

This summer was an extremely relaxing, kind of lazy summer for me and as the end of August approaches, I seem to get involved with more activities that have nothing to do with teaching. How am I going to handle ministry work, events, teaching full time, working on YouTube videos, writing and the 500 other things I am involved in?
I know people that have a longer list than I do and I'm all like "How the heck does he/she do it AND maintain a marriage and family"? For real! There should be a super person award for (Insert names here). I don't know how they do it.

I think I'll start with managing my time a little better, since most of my time is spent online "browsing" every social media sight for something, anything entertaining that will connect me to other humans or anything close enough to one. Who has time for social media during the school year anyways??

 At least, during the school year, I get to interact with about 20 little humans for about 7 hours Monday through Friday. The bitter sweetness of teaching Pre-K. I can't wait to meet my students on Sept. 4th and then begin my countdown until the summer of 2014.
Happy School Year 2013-2014!

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