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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sometimes, all you need is a little....

In the last few weeks, I have been going nonstop trying to be as prepared as possible (having recently returned to work after a two month summer vacation). It has been HARD!! I've been getting to sleep extra early and waking up early. I have been making breakfast and packing my lunch and making it to work early. My classroom is set up the day before and everything is as prepared as possible, running as smooth as it can, in the beginning of the school year.

(This is our daily schedule and morning message =0) and some of my students' artwork)

With all of that, I still feel like I can give a little more. I feel like I am not doing all that I can, Like I am not good at what I do.

But, Thank God for the encouraging people He places in our paths, knowing we will need them.

We had our second, whole school, fire drill and it went good. The students knew what they were to do and where they were to go. I wasn't worried at all, I have been blessed with an amazing set of students. But, what struck me the most was what Mr. Deane, the principal, said to me. He came over and says "Lesson plans...." (my immediate reaction was to assure him they were emailed and online)  he continued "on time. You're here on time and you made it to devotions. Keep up the good work" he said, as he patted me on the back. I was shocked, not expecting to hear this. That changed my whole mood and I had an extra bounce in my step the whole day.

See, sometimes, all you need is a little encouragement, motivation or just a little word of praise.

I challenge you, encourage someone today. Let them know they're doing a great job or even tell them how nice they look. It may seem silly to you, but it can make a world of difference to them.

God bless you guys!!

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