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Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday's Product Review: Sally Hansen Holiday Glam Pack

Hey guys!
Welcome to another product review Friday.

If you are a nail polish lover, like myself, this review is for you. (And if you're not, it can still be for you. Come on! You have to know someone who likes nail polish =) ).

The holidays being behind us, about two weeks ago, I finally went shopping for myself. I ran into an awesome holiday sale at the Rite Aid Pharmacy. I found this Sally Hansen "Dare to Dazzle" Holiday Glam Pack. With a retail value of $50, the Original price was only $10. And with my lucky, bargain shopping self, I got it at a fraction of that... $2.50! GO ME! GO ME!! Ok done with my happy dance, now back to the review.

 This is the packaging. It has a cute handle on the top (I forgot to take a picture of the top, sorry)

And after you open the bigger package, alas, a smaller box which contains the actual items:
STOP WASTING PAPER PEOPLE! Ok, enough of my keep it green rant, now back to the review.

This kit contains: 3 magnetic nail color, 1 nail file and 2 Salon Effects real nail polish strips. 

As usual, you don't know the colors or designs that you are going to get until you open the glam bag. I received Polar Purple, Graphite Gravity and Kinetic Copper. The design of the polish will be the same as the design on the black, magnet cap on the polish. For the magnetic nail polish newbies, this nail polish has a design and magnet on the lid. First you shake the polish to activate it and apply one thin coat on all nails and let it dry. One nail at a time, apply a thicker coat and immediately hold the magnet over the nail, resting the built in guide just below the cuticle. Hold for 10 seconds. Do the same for the rest of your nails. Apply a top coat and your nails are done.

I did a quick polish to show you guys what the end results are. I will be doing the whole set, nicely this weekend and I will put the end product on my instagram: Dee_Oreo (Feel free to check it out and follow <3 )

The kit also contained a medium nail file. I don't mind having another file on hand. 

The last items included in the kit are Salon Effects real nail polish strips in a very bright orange and a snake skin print. These are not typically my style of nail polish but I have tried them before. They claim to last 10 days, no dry time and peel and apply. It is very easy to apply, you just peel, apply and file to fit the shape of your nail. There is absolutely no dry time because it is basically a sticker you are applying and they do last a while. I had mine on for about a week and there was no chipping. For what I paid for this kit, I have no problem passing these on to someone who will use them.

My overall rating for this product? I would say 8.5 out of 10. There was only one con with this kit. If you look closely, on the very bottom of the box, there is something blocked out. This kit was supposed to come with a lip balm but for some reason, certain retailers omitted this item from the box cover and kit. Weird! But for $2.50, I'm not complaining.

Thanks for reading my review.

Any questions, advice, blog post requests, products you would like reviewed or comments please feel free to comment.

Until next blog, Gbu guys!


  1. I also got the Sally Hansen Holiday Glam Pack and I've been reading reviews. Apparently all of the ones I've seen so far have the same colors of magnetic nail polish - black, gold, and purple. Interesting!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed. Maybe these are their least selling colors, lol.