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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Kids say the darndest things: Five things you never say or do in front of a child

Hey guys!
Welcome to another installation of "The Five Things Series".

Being a teacher, what better topic to bring than things that go on in the classroom?

In my years of teaching I have come across some things that, when thinking back to them, still make me laugh. The younger grades tend to take things literal and, no matter how long I've done this, I always forget.

Hopefully this will put a smile on your face and, if you are a teacher or work with children, helps you remember they are just being kids.

Here are the top five things you never say or do in front of a child (But I have):

Never use idioms, for example:
Me: "Brianna, wipe that smile off your face and come here!"
Brianna (As she wipes her face, trying to wipe the smile off): "Ms. How do I wipe my smile off?"..

How do you correct a child after that? 
Have your assistant tend to the child while you run off to swallow the tears 
that are falling from laughter.

Never take your eye contacts off in front of a child, no matter how much it's bothering you.

I took off my contacts because my eye was so irritated and I got mixed reactions.
Some students were very curious, wanting to see what I was doing and asking questions. While others freaked out saying "Don't take your eyeball out. Why are you doing that?!!".

Let's just say, now I take them off in the bathroom.

Never use the word take when referring to "taking classes" "taking a break"  etc.

Me: I am so excited about Thursday. I start taking classes 
My students: OOOHHHH Ms. Arroyo, that's bad. You can't steal... 
A student turns to another and says: "Ms. Arroyo said she's taking a class. Right, you don't steal??? 

Pre-k students are watching! lol

Do not play the "I can eat my food faster than you" game with any student under any circumstance.

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