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Friday, August 23, 2013

My last "free" Friday

After a long break from posting videos to YouTube, I decided I would record a few today just in case I got too busy in the next couple of weeks. After recording, What I thought was the best take on my video, I realized the camera had stopped recording after about 7 seconds..
You can just imagine what happened after that (Let's just say, it wasn't very nice). I got frustrated to the point where I actually sat down and felt the tears welling up. Those dreaded thoughts came rushing in my mind once again "Give Up!!".
After battling depression and low self esteem for years, I couldn't believe those thoughts were sneaking back in. How does a child of God have these thoughts?

Funny things is, I'm working on a lesson called 'You are free indeed', focusing on two main points. Number 1 being what is sin and number 2, How are you truly free. Sin and freedom go hand in hand. The bible does tell us in John 8:36 So if the Son sets you free, you are free indeed. How can I become free in the Son, You ask?

Ahhh!! Great question.

Well, first of all, let me give you this simple piece of advice: Read your word! I mean Really read it. It's good to know main verses and stories from the word but you must read before and after to truly understand what you are reading.

With that said, let's read John 8:35 Jesus replied, "Very truly I tell you, everyone who sins is a slave to sin"... It all becomes clear (I hope). Sin makes slaves of us and throws away the key and we just settle in this rotten jail cell, feeling hopeless. This is when this locksmith names Jesus comes into play. Years ago, He knew we were going to fall into sin and decided that He wanted to help us out and give us a key to freedom and He died (sad face :( but only for a little while). After rising from the dead (Cue smiley face =D ) He defeated death and defeated our sentence to life imprisonment. He gave us the key. In order to be free indeed, we must sin no more.

So after I sat there thinking about this, I realized, I need to get my life together. I am living in sin. I may not have killed anyone or stole someone's husband or whatever else we categorize as major sin but I have been living in a horrible sin. I've been living a very unfruitful life, while losing sight of God's promises for my life. Things got tough and I got going.

All this to tell you (mostly to myself) that things will not come easy and you have to work, HARD, for the things you want most in life. Remember, The work God has begun in your life, He will keep at it and bring it to a Glorious finish. Persevere through the pain and tears and the reward will be beautiful!

Blessings <3

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