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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ashamed to be a Christian?

Since when has it become about you and how you feel?

 It has not, will not and never has been about you!
There are so many souls thirsty for one word, one hug, one loving glance, just one act of Love and you'd think, the ones who claim to know Him who is Love, would be the ones to offer those things.

I was raised in a Pentecostal home and during my early years, I loved the whole Pentecostal movement. It was so radical and humble.
But, as the years went by, It became a clothing brand. If you wear the right clothing, you are considered a Pentecostal.
It has become a make up remover. If you keep your face make up free, you are a Pentecostal.
It has become a courtroom. If I don't think you fit into my idea of what a Pentecostal is, you can't be Pentecostal.
And the judgmental list can go on..
I am not here to judge the Pentecostal religion, and this is not only geared towards Pentecostals, but to warn ALL followers.
You have strayed away from what being a true believer of Christ just to fit into a title.

Still with me??

As I write this, I am taken to John 8 where the woman caught in adultery was brought to Jesus. Do you remember what He said? He said "He who has no sin cast the first stone" and if my memory serves me right, not one stone was thrown at the woman. NOT ONE!
Jesus looks at her and then just simply tells her "Go and sin no more".
That is the Gospel! That is Love!
Jesus was placed on this earth as an example to us. We have the right, as Christian brothers and sisters, to correct. We have the right to help each other out when we begin to stray. We DO NOT have the right to judge each other just because someone is sinning openly. We need to stop being the teachers and Pharisees who brought the woman to Jesus and learn to be more like Jesus.
We are to be living, breathing and earth walking examples of love. Get it??

John 13:34-35

Thanks for reading!
Any questions, advice, comments please feel free to comment.
Until next blog, Gbu guys!

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