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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sheila G's Brownie Brittle... Review

Recently, I was chosen to review a product called Brownie Brittle.

When I received a box in the mail, I figured it was something that I ordered a few days before from ebay but, when I opened the box, I was surprised to see 2-2oz packages of Sheila G's Chocolate Chip Brownie Brittle.

Immediately, I tore open one of the bags. Being the type of person to prefer crunchy or slightly overcooked to anything else, I took my first bite. It was pure bliss! I am glad to say that Sheila G takes my favorite part of the brownie and packages it just for me (not really but that's where I was taken at the moment). Pure genius. After I munched on a few pieces, I turn the package around to pretend to check the calorie count and, turns out, it's not bad. An ounce, half the bag, is 120 calories AND it is made with natural ingredients. ARE YOU SERIOUS??? I must get every flavor and SOON!!!

This products features include:
*WeightWatchers.com hot item
*Gourmet Retailer Editor’s Choice Award
*Progressive Grocer Editor’s Choice Award
*Best New Snack Product (NCSA)
*Finalist – Most Innovative New Snack Product (NCA Sweets & Snacks)
*One of Oprah’s 7 Fabulous Finds

I decided to share this yummy goodness with others but only one piece! and I did not get one complaint...

He's one happy monkey =)

Not only does Sheila G. make yummy Brownie Brittle, she's also passionate about donating to Cookies For Kid's cancer. You can check it out here Cookies For Kids' Cancer. And if that wasn't cool enough, you can also download a free cookbook Here. Sheila G. will donate $5 to Cookies For Kids' Cancer and if you would like to donate, you may do so.

Well, I'm off to enjoy my Brownie Brittle with a nice cold glass of milk. Hope you enjoyed this review.
Thanks for reading!
Any questions, advice, comments or products you'd like reviewed, please feel free to comment.
Until next blog, Gbu guys!
*I was not paid to review this item nor was I encouraged for monetary reasons to write any of the following. This is my 100% honest opinion.

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