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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall Fashion. Scarves, boots and... Allergies????

Happy fall Saturday!!!

FINALLY, we have fall weather and I am very excited about it!
The only downside to this beautiful season would have to be allergies but, the lovely scarves, sweaters and boots make up for that..

 I am STILL under the weather and have yet to go crazy shopping for fall beauties but I did get to pick up two pieces that I am totally in love with....
 Before I show you what I bought I want to share about a lovely store, Joyce Leslie:
 Joyce Leslie, where do I start? This is an up to date, fashion forward, budget friendly store. The store's setup is mostly color coordinated and great for someone who is just out of work (and short on time) and needs an outfit without having to shop for hours. I love this store and if you are ever in Connecticut, Pennsylvania or New York you have to stop in and let me know so I can go with!!! (No, I do not work for them, lol).
Now back to it:
A few days ago, I got out of work and wanted to get my nephew a game from GameStop for his birthday and, because the Gods of fashion are on my side, there happened to be a Joyce Leslie right next door. Usually, I find at least three pairs of boots on my first stop but I did not get so lucky this time. I only found one pair but I have to say I am super excited to wear these babies.
These booties are by Soda and cost a nice $29.99
I also purchased a cheetah print figure eight scarf
This scarf is by D&Y and run me a mere $8.99

 Being under the weather and exhausted from work, unfortunately, this was all the shopping I got to do before I needed to head back home to rest. I can't wait to be 100% so I can go splurge and share my finds with you guys!
Thanks for reading!
Any questions, advice, comments or suggestions, please feel free to comment.
Until next blog, Gbu guys!

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