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Thursday, November 21, 2013

You need some encouragement?

As I sit in my room on this gloomy night, I'm flooded with thoughts and feelings. The bad thing is, they're not all good.

I've been thinking a lot about which direction I should go in life and I can't believe that what others think affects my decision. It should NOT be like that.

I am writing this post for YOU, yes you!
You who have been discouraged.
You who has been pushed aside.
You whose ideas have been laughed at.
I am here to tell you "Screw those people".

Those people who have laughed at you are afraid of how far you can go.
They want what you have!
They want to be as far as you've gotten.
Keep moving forward and do what YOU want to do. Do what makes YOU happy.
If you're good at dancing, keep on practicing until you are better. If you like to do make-up, sit in front of a mirror with a computer and look up tutorials on YouTube. You like to teach? Teach!!! You like comedy? Tell jokes, make people laugh and have fun doing it!

My point is, if it makes you happy, why not?

You only get one life, live it up!!!

Thanks for reading!
Any questions, advice, comments or products you'd like reviewed, please feel free to comment.
Until next blog, Gbu guys!


  1. I loved reading this. My dad always says the last quote and it's such a good one to live by :)
    Elise - www.elisedopson.com