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Monday, February 10, 2014

Crafty Monday: The Comet Moth

 Hey guys!
Welcome to another Crafty Monday.

As you guys already know, I am a Pre-k teacher at one of the most amazing schools in Philadelphia =)
We are currently working on art projects to put on display for our international night where we celebrate a different continent every year. This year, I chose Madagascar for Pre-k (since we are doing Africa).

I decided to show you all our comet moth craft because it can be used for valentine's day as well. Just add a cheesy tag that says something like "My heart flutters for you, valentine" lol.

First you will need to gather the following items:
Wax paper
Old crayons that you can shave/sharpen
An iron (preferably an old one)
A pencil sharpener
Paper (To keep from being so messy)
Tissue paper
Pipe cleaners (Not pictured)

1. fold the wax paper in half and then in half again, this way you can cut 2 butterflies out instead of one

2. Draw half of a butterfly on the folded edge of the wax paper and cut it out. You may skip this step and just draw a full butterfly in black sharpie on the wax paper 

3. Place the butterfly on a sheet of paper to save the surface of your work area

4. Remove the paper from the crayons. The fastest and easiest way to do this is by letting the crayons sit in water. Then just peel off the wrapper and sharpen the crayons into a baggie (I am such a neat freak)

5. cover the butterfly in the shavings (Try to stay away from the edges so that glue can be added later on to seal the edges)

and cover the whole thing with another piece of wax paper.

6. Turn on your iron. Iron the wax paper with swift passes. Do not let the iron sit still, it will melt the crayon completely and that is not the effect we are looking for. OHHHHHH AND The iron has to be set to a very low setting (The lowest). If you do not set it on low or you forget to set it on low (Like I did) you will get this mess:

7. Do not remove the bigger piece of wax paper. You are going to cut out the butterfly shape so that the big piece of wax paper becomes the back piece to your butterfly

 8. Cut a pipe cleaner in half and, using the example below, cover the bottom halves with tissue paper using elmers glue

9. You are going to attach the pipe cleaner to the bottom half of the butterfly. You can peel back the wax paper on the bottom of the butterfly or just staple the pieces to the butterfly. I recommend stapling but you use what works best for you. I did the peeling back method and the crayon started to crumble. Now you can add glue to the inner edges to seal all of your hard work in

And here is the finished product beside the actual Comet Moth:

I also wanted to share some paper plate animals we made and I will include the link below each craft

Thanks for reading! I hope this was a helpful post. 

Any questions, advice, blog post requests, Craft requests, products for review or comments please feel free to comment.

Until next blog, Gbu guys!

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